PABX Panasonic KX-TDE600


Feature PABX Panasonic KX-TDE600 :

  • IP Communication 

This PBX supports IP communication using a variety of IP telephones, such as the KX-NT300 series with Self Labeling and/or Bluetooth wireless headsets, and SIP Extensions (SIP Hardphone/SIP Softphone). 

  • IP Softphone 

You can install a software-based telephone (Panasonic IP Softphone) on your PC to make and receive calls using Internet Protocol (IP) and access PBX features without a wired IP Proprietary Telephone. 

  • Cellular Phone Features

This PBX supports the use of cellular phones with the PBX. Cellular phones can make and receive calls as if they were registered extensions. 

  • Wireless System

This PBX optionally supports a Portable Station (PS) system. PSs can be used in the PBX with other wired telephones.

  • Easy Operation

A Panasonic telephone that is equipped with a Navigator Key/Jog Dial and a display helps you to access desired features easily. Also, you will be informed of the arrival of an incoming call or a message waiting by the lamp if it is equipped

  • Simplified Voice Message

You can set incoming calls to be redirected to your message box to let callers leave voice messages when you are unable to answer the phone.

  • ACD Report Server (KX-NCV200)

This PBX supports Voice Processing Systems (VPS) with an ACD Report Server. In addition to VPS features, the ACD Report Server provides you with a variety of features, such as monitoring, reporting, and creating performance graphs, to manage call information efficiently. 

  • Phone Assistant (PA)

This application allows you to use your PC to access PBX features, providing advanced call handling capabilities to ensure that each call is handled efficiently.

  • Call Center

This PBX offers a built-in Call Center feature called Incoming Call Distribution (ICD) Group. Incoming calls to an ICD Group can be queued or redirected to a preprogrammed destination, answered in order of priority and monitored by a supervisor extension.

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